Children Friendly Infant Plastic Pipe Outdoor Playground

Product Details

Children Friendly Infant Plastic Pipe Outdoor Playground

Product DescriptionFunny Children Galvanized Steel Outdoor Playground

Model Number



A:Plastic parts:LLDPE       B:Post:Aluminum Alloy                       

C. Metals: galvanized steel and powder coated

D. Deck,stair,bridge: galvanized steel, covered with anti-skid rubber or PVC

E. Fasteners: Stainless steel AISI 304





Player age

3-12 Years Children

Kids capacity

10-30 Persons


1 Set


3 Years   

Delivery time

10-15 Days

Payment term

T/T;30% As Deposit


CE,ISO,TUV,EN1176 From SGS Company 


1.Metal Parts:Cotton+PP Film   2.Plastic Parts:Bubble Film  

Apply for

Amusement Park,Kingergarten,School,Residential Area etc


1.Please check the screws&other catchers regularly to assure the firm structure

2.Please make sure that all the kids play with adult supervision

3.Blunt objects and acid corrosive liquor are forbidden


Packaging & Shipping

Cotton&plastic film(standard exporting package)

2.Shipping Methods:
Shipping method:Goods by sea(FOB port:Ningbo),sample by express

KidsPlayPlay 2019Modern Luxury Eco-Friendly Large Outdoor Slide Playground

Our Prouduct

KidsPlayPlay main products are as followed:

Outdoor series, including Outdoor playground equipment,swing,spring rider,carousel,track train,climbing frame,outdoor fitness equipment etc...

Indoor series,including indoor trampoline park,indoor playground equipment,blow molded slides,kids gym soft toys,kindergarten product etc...

KidsPlayPlay 2019Modern Luxury Eco-Friendly Large Outdoor Slide Playground

KidsPlayPlay 2019Modern Luxury Eco-Friendly Large Outdoor Slide Playground

Company Information

Who we are?

KidsPlayPlay Toy,a professional manufacturer established in 2006, the company located in YangWan Industrial Zone,Qiaoxia,Wenzhou,Zhejiang,China,own the factory 12000 square meter and workers over 100 members. The company has the office in Wenzhou city which is near to the airport and rail way station.Thus customer is easy to find us.


What we do?

The company is specialized in renovating,designing,manufacturing and installing outdoor playground, indoor playgroundand trampoline park.KidsPlayPlay has supplied high quality equipment to over 100 countries and regions.Such as Europe,Middle East, Asia,America and Australia.

How To Use Slide Safety?Slides are a favorite ride for every baby, and they will come up and down again and again. However, this project has certain safety hazards for babies, especially those under 3 years of age. How to make your baby slide safely and happily? Please note the following: Wear safe, fit clothing for your baby 

1 step up Steps should be taken step by step, while holding the railings at the same time, so that they go up to the top of the slide. You should not climb up from the slide. 

2 feet down You should always slide your foot down and keep your upper body upright. Never head down, or slide your stomach down. 

3 first observe Before you slide down, first check if the bottom of the slide is empty and there are no other babies sitting there. When a baby is sitting underneath, it is not possible to slide down immediately. 

4 do not stay After sliding down the slide, you should immediately get up and leave the slide to make room for the baby behind. 

5 one at a time Parents should note that in the sliding section of the slide, there should be only one baby at a time. Do not let several babies slide down at the same time to avoid crushing. Finally, the special reminder is that when the baby is happy to play the slide, the parents must pay attention to his situation in the game. Even if the moment is not paying attention, the baby may have a dangerous possibility. When the ladder is stepping on the foot, the slide is under the foot. When the body falls down and so on. Therefore, parents need to be protected in time to ensure the safety of the baby.

How do you manage the children's playground to capture the hearts of customers?

Generally speaking, the children's play equipment in the park is aimed at children around 0-12 years old. It is estimated that the parents are about 25-35 years old. As the economic power to guide and lead the child's consumption, it is more important to analyze the parents than to analyze the children. Operators need to analyze parents' spending habits, hobbies, and communication methods. When you understand the customer enough, you can understand the customer's needs and there are ways to retain the customer. Therefore, it is especially important to collect customer information. From the first time, the customer must do a good job of grasping this customer's intention. It is best for the operator to design the customer information form by himself. The reminder is that the customer's information must be as detailed as possible. The customer is the child and the parent. For example, the birthdays, hobbies, allergies, etc. of the two, to achieve the purpose of making customers feel human, warm and caring.


     Communicate with customers in a timely and effective manner, let customers participate, the content can be opinions or suggestions for children's play equipment, and you can also choose parent-child games or provide interactive parent-child games. Mobilizing the enthusiasm of customers also contributes to the continuous improvement of amusement equipment. The amusement equipment required by customers is a good and useful amusement equipment. The customer's choice of amusement equipment is far more effective than the choice. Let the customers understand the latest developments in the children's playground, update the amusement equipment, introduce the benefits and safety of the amusement equipment, etc., so that parents can rest assured.


     In addition, many parents have to take care of their children. How long it takes for parents to spend their pleasures is a topic worth studying. For example, prepare books that people of this age group love to read, provide wifi, prepare intimate snacks, and attach coffee and tea. The intimate moments will be played out, holidays, customer birthdays should be fully utilized, greetings, small gifts or free play coupons for children's play equipment, small details make customers feel moved, so that he feels that he is valued, naturally will not leave, the key Whether it is intentional. Is there anything more effective than grasping the heart of a customer? In today's increasingly detailed management, children's park operators can only show better services in smaller details, so that parents and children can enjoy your children's playground.


KidsPlayPlay 2019Modern Luxury Eco-Friendly Large Outdoor Slide Playground


KidsPlayPlay Certification:EN1176 Outdoor Playground,TUV Material Test, EN1176 Indoor Playground.KidsPlayPlay 2019Modern Luxury Eco-Friendly Large Outdoor Slide Playground