Dinosaur Aluminum Alloy Outdoor Playground Set

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Dinosaur Aluminum Alloy Outdoor Playground Set

Description Of Products


a. Plastic parts: Linear low density Polyethylene(LLDPE)

b. Post: Aluminum alloy

c. Metals: Galvanized steel and color powder coated

d.Platform/Steped-ladder: Galvanized steel sheet, color powder coated or pvc coated.

e.Fasteners: Stainless steel AISI 304

(Different material is available at your demand.)

 Color: Customized Color Option       
 Capacity: 20-40 Children
 Components: Panels, climbs and slides(wave slide, through slide, curved chute slide, tube slide )
 Packing:Kids commercial indoor playground jungle gym playground Cartons outside,opp inside
 Player Age: 3-12 Years Old
 Warranty: 1 Year

Photos as below from different sides:


KidsPlayPlay Certification:EN1176 Outdoor Playground,TUV Material Test, EN1176 Indoor Playground.KidsPlayPlay 2017 commercial spiral slides for playgrounds

Payment And Shipping Terms 

 Minimum Order Quantity: 1sets    
 Port: Ningbo
 Delivery Time: 15-20 days
 Payment Terms: T/T L/C
 Supply Ability: 300sets/Month

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KidsPlayPlay 2019Modern Luxury Eco-Friendly Large Outdoor Slide Playground

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KidsPlayPlay Brand New EN1176 Children Outdoor Playground Equipment Slide

KidsPlayPlay 2017 China Manufacture Kids Aluminum Alloy Outdoor Playground Set

The so-called pavement refers to the use of any hard natural or artificial paving materials to decorate the pavement. In the design of children's space, paving is as essential as other design elements. The influence of paving may even exceed your imagination and determine the success or failure of a child's space design.

ONE, Paving material selection

1 artificial elastic material

Including rubber mats, rubber bricks, artificial turf and so on. Rubber mats and rubber bricks are cushioning elastic materials, and activities such as balls, bicycles, and skateboards can be performed on them.

Artificial turf is a more expensive flooring material suitable for paving in the game area, but it is flammable and requires attention to fire.

2 loose fill material

    The loose filling material is divided into an organic loose filling material and an inorganic loose filling material.

Organic loose fillers include: wood chips, bark crumbs, and nutshell crumbs.

Inorganic loose material: fine sand, smooth pebbles, etc.

    Sand is a common paving material for children's activity areas, especially under moving equipment. It should be noted that the sand as a paving and the sand pool for sand play need to be clearly distinguished (children playing with sand and children on the equipment will have conflicts).

3 grass

    Grass is a highly used paving type with affinity and trampling, suitable for children to carry out various activities. Setting the grass on the slopes will add interest to the children, attracting them to hide, roll, rest and so on.

4 wooden floor

    The wooden floor will look safer than the sharp stone, the color is closer to nature, but the durability is poor, and the maintenance is more expensive.

5 stone / brick

    Stone can play a large space, can be paved in a variety of shapes, the most important is very durable. But for children, the stone is too hard and dangerous.

TWO,Paving color design

    Color is the first environmental information received in a child's brain. The color of the pavement in the game field is the basis of the overall color of the children's activity area.

    According to the survey, children of different ages have different preferences for color. Girls prefer high-purity colors, and boys prefer calm colors. But no matter which age group of children, do not like black and gray colors, bright colors and pictures are generally acceptable.

Three,Paving pattern design

    The shape of the pavement is generally expressed by a combination of points, lines, and shapes, and different paving patterns form different spatial feelings. Children's favorite flat patterns are drawn from fairy tales, cartoons, fruits, natural scenery, such as little princess, Mickey Mouse, bunny, bear, flowers, text and so on. These patterns are easily accepted by children and help to stimulate the child's imagination. Children are full of curiosity about novelty, walking into nature, feeling nature, and playing a very important role in opening up children's aesthetic sense.

    There are some interesting 3D small paintings on the event venue or on the steps leading to the event venue.

What is the new solution to the children's paradise when the traditional model fails?


There are many places worth exploring in the offline parent-child park, but the marginal cost problem that the traditional children's paradise model cannot break through. So, what is the new solution for the children's paradise?

 “Flow Value Added Model”

Industry professionals with senior Internet and offline children's business experience believe that the way to break through the traditional model is to change the bottom of the career model of the children's paradise and completely transform the "ticket sales business" into a "flow value-added model".

Specifically, in the ticket sales business, the value contribution of consumers is single, only the purchase of tickets is only paid. Once the interest in the amusement park of the park is lost, the payment will end, and the commercial income of the park will inevitably decrease. In order to get more single-contributing consumers, it is inevitable to rent a good location. The vicious circle begins here, and the competition is the exhaustion of the consumer dividend (lot dividend).

The “flow value-added model” is a visible breakpoint, that is, the children’s park plays a natural advantage of attracting children and parents, defining the park as “flow portal” and defining consumers as “high-value traffic”. Through regular discounts, consumer autonomy, and other forms, we will expand our import flow and create high-quality word of mouth and trust through superior quality offline services to provide parents with more business services in addition to paradise.

Parents end up not only paying for tickets, but also paying for more yuan for goods or services, from "one purchase" to "multiple purchases."

But so far, the children's paradise industry has not yet had a successful head player. The specific reasons for not doing it are mainly these:

1. Entrepreneurs in the park industry have narrow visions and have been tied up for a long time by the “opening paradise-selling tickets” model. They are unwilling and afraid to learn more advanced business models;

2. The paradise industry lacks the business tools that conform to the Internet thinking. It is difficult to promote the industry upgrade simply by relying on the ability of the park operators. It is urgent to need the Internet to empower the children's parks and improve the profitability of the park operators;

3. The talent supply chain of the paradise industry is almost zero. The quality of the first-line practitioners is worrying. The management model and the employee incentive model are backward, and it is impossible to attract high-quality talents.

Multi-business combination innovation children's park format

Indeed, in the children's paradise in the flow of cash, for the segmentation of children's market demand, cross-border and multi-industry cooperation, such as IP, catering, etc., and based on the traditional paradise "consumer is a child rather than a parent" setting, Integrating parent-child interaction with parental social needs into the child's format is a new path worth trying. In addition to pure children's playgrounds, many parks also incorporate children's picture books, children's photography, children's education and training, parent-child restaurants, etc., combining multiple formats, interacting with each other, and actively streaming people to maximize benefits.

Taking early education as an example, the current offline early education brands include Mei Jim, New York Children's Club, etc. As a whole, domestic consumers prefer foreign early education brands, their good educational philosophy, scientific, complete and standardized infant education methods. And the system is the main reason for popularity. Therefore, the key to integrating early education into a children's paradise is to create professionalism, change the user's inherent perception, and provide users with more than expected quality services, thus generating more consumer transactions.

The potential for offline children's play and entertainment industry is huge, but innovation is always a scarce product. For practitioners, in the next industry development, how do children's park brands solve homogenization, improve their ability to resist risks, meet their needs, and adapt to their ability to continue to operate and build a moat. The essential.

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KidsPlayPlay is looking forward to the long,company and win-win cooperation with you.Our playgrounds and toys have been sold worldwide.KidsPlayPlay 2017 China Manufacture Kids Aluminum Alloy Outdoor Playground Set