Double S Slides Playground Of Outside Equipment

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Double S Slides Playground of Outside Equipment


Outdoor Playground Equipment


a. Plastic parts: Linear low density Polyethylene(LLDPE)

b. Post: Aluminum alloy

c. Metals: Galvanized steel and color powder coated

d.Platform/Steped-ladder: Galvanized steel sheet, color powder coated or pvc coated.

e.Fasteners: Stainless steel AISI 304

(Different material is available at your demand.)

Item CodeTQ-ZLJ121
 Color: Customized Color Option       
 Capacity: 20-40 Children
 Components: Panels, climbs and slides(wave slide, through slide, curved chute slide, tube slide )
 Packing:Kids commercial indoor playground jungle gym playground Cartons outside,opp inside
 Player Age: 3-12 Years Old
 Warranty: 1 Year

Payment And Shipping Terms 

 Minimum Order Quantity: 1sets    
 Port: Ningbo
 Delivery Time: 15-20 days
 Payment Terms: T/T L/C
 Supply Ability: 300sets/Month

Packaging & Shipping

Cotton&plastic film(standard exporting package)

2.Shipping Methods:
Shipping method:Goods by sea(FOB port:Ningbo),sample by express

KidsPlayPlay Low Price Giant Size Kids Plastic Slide Outdoor Playground Equipment


KidsPlayPlay Certification:EN1176 Outdoor Playground,TUV Material Test, EN1176 Indoor Playground.

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Quantity(Sets)1 - 1>1
Est. Time(days)20To be negotiated

KidsPlayPlay 2019Modern Luxury Eco-Friendly Large Outdoor Slide Playground

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KidsPlayPlay Low Price Giant Size Kids Plastic Slide Outdoor Playground Equipment 

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How is the playground needed by the mall?

With the iterative upgrade of consumption, in order to cater to the needs of consumers, the children's format also showed an upward trend. The children's business has been upgraded from a street shop in the past to the core business of attracting passengers. As its share continues to expand, the children's format shows a trend from a single child retail to a diversified field.

How can the playground pursue the pursuit of the children's style? Further become the new favorite of shopping centers? Let's analyze it together:

Passenger traffic is the primary indicator for the evaluation of shopping centers, and under the impact of e-commerce, experiential consumption has become king. Compared with adults, experiential consumption is more attractive to children, and children's format has a natural advantage over other formats in attracting electricity to attract customers.

Almost all new shopping malls have children's formats. Children's retail, children's services, children's education, and children's experience programs are common in major shopping malls, and children's formats are almost standard on new shopping centers. The children's format drives household consumption in the form of “1+N”. After 70s and 80s, it is still the mainstream consumer of shopping centers. This part of the population is not only strong in consumption, but also the focus of family consumption is gradually transferred to future generations. With the opening of the two-child policy, the huge child population will become a huge driving force for the development of children's business.

Children's business users are relatively viscous, which can lengthen the time customers spend in the mall and stimulate their potential consumption.

Although the prospects for the children's business market are optimistic, there are still some shortcomings.

(1) Children's formatary renting ability is low, not a profitable format, and earning popularity.

(2) Children's industry hardware requirements are high, and fire protection standards are more stringent.

(3) The problem of homogenization.

Even so, with the continuous development and enrichment of business forms, the parent-child industry will continue to be the darling.

Reason one: changes in the number and composition of children's age. Children and catering are essential for community business forms that are driven by frequency. Good merchants add to the mall, attract the arrival of customers, increase customer viscosity, customer viscosity can help the mall to establish a core customer base.

Reason 2: Parent-child brands have become the mainstream trend of shopping centers. After 80/90, it gradually became the main consumer. The family of two began to make a transition to a family of three. The family's focus gradually shifted to the children. The shopping center should aim at the more obvious household consumption.

Reason 3: Multi-dimensional development of the entire industrial chain. The children's brand product line is developed to the entire industry chain, and the age span covers the entire age group. Children's business is no longer a single retail or play, but a whole industry chain, providing products that adapt to children's hands-on ability, mental development, and physiological and psychological needs of different age groups for different age groups. The children's business is not a profitable function format, it earns popularity. In addition, in the children's business, the combination of some commodities has a certain regularity and interaction effect. Increase the space for parents and children to interact in product and business planning, provide parents with space to exchange rest, and increase thematic consumption space to improve commercial efficiency.

Reason 4: The proportion of children's consumption expenditure changes. The children's industry is the best experiential project, but in terms of survival benefits, it is problematic for children's business to not enter the commercial complex. Because the commercial complex is a complete consumer chain, it can not only satisfy children, but also meet the adult's consumption needs, so it can drive multiple consumption and cyclic consumption.

Reason 5: The characteristics of the children's format that can “drive the whole family” make it gradually become the “standard” for emerging shopping malls and shopping malls. In traditional shopping centers, the proportion of children's business is about 5%. Under the influence of e-commerce impact and brand homogenization, many new or adjusted shopping centers increase the proportion of children's business to 10%-25%. According to statistics, nearly 100 shopping centers have expanded their children's brand investment and upgraded and upgraded children's areas to promote sales in the mall.

Shopping centers want to make better use of children's business needs:

(1) Correctly understand the drainage effect of children's business. The shopping center needs to take 20% of the area to the main store that can attract passengers, and drive the operating income of 80%.

(2) Clear positioning. Detailed research and judgment are required, and the hardware requirements of children's business are high. After clear positioning, the shopping center should consider these issues when constructing.

(3) Innovation and seeking differentiated development. You can explore regional features, combine with more technology products, enhance parent-child interaction, and enhance your parental experience.