Factory Price Good Quality Outdoor Playground

Factory Price Good Quality Outdoor Playground
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plastic playground equipment


plastic playground equipment


a. Plastic parts: Linear low density Polyethylene(LLDPE)

b. Post: Aluminum alloy

c. Metals: Galvanized steel and color powder coated

d.Platform/Steped-ladder: Galvanized steel sheet, color powder coated or pvc coated.

e.Fasteners: Stainless steel AISI 304

(Different material is available at your demand.)

Item CodeTQ-ZR935
 Color: Customized Color Option       
 Capacity: 20-40 Children
 Components: Panels, climbs and slides(wave slide, through slide, curved chute slide, tube slide )
 Packing:Kids commercial indoor playground jungle gym playground Cartons outside,opp inside
 Player Age: 3-12 Years Old
 Warranty: 1 Year








Payment And Shipping Terms 

 Minimum Order Quantity: 1sets    
 Port: Ningbo
 Delivery Time: 15-20 days
 Payment Terms: T/T L/C
 Supply Ability:



                      The design connotation of outdoor children playground in kindergarten

Five elements of outdoor amusement environment design:

1. Comprehensive consideration of greening, beautification, childization, education and gamification: outdoor game environment planning should be adapted to local conditions and comprehensively consider the needs and requirements of various aspects. Greening and beautification are the basic requirements of kindergarten outdoor environmental planning. Kindergartens should expand the green area as much as possible, plant various tall trees and low shrubs, and ensure that there are shades for outdoor games in summer; while greening, as much as possible in all seasons There are flowers that make the kindergarten beautiful like a big garden.

2. There is an activity space suitable for the needs and development levels of children of all ages: the design of outdoor play grounds should fully consider the characteristics and needs of children of different ages in the whole park. For example, children in small classes and small classes have insufficient physical development and are prone to wrestling. Design a special semi-open soft play area for them, paved with soft cushions, plastic ground or artificial turf. Children can run and jump, climb, sit and sit, and put in some small toys such as leather balls, sandbags, and cars.

3. There is a space design suitable for four seasons game activities: outdoor game environment planning must be based on seasonal changes, considering the needs of outdoor games, such as strong sunlight in summer, if there is no shade, it is difficult to organize from 10 am to 4 pm Children go out to play, so if you have the conditions, you can design a green promenade, plant wisteria, quince, grapes and other vines, and set up swings and other toys; plant tall and dense foliage next to sand ponds, pools, and large toys Arbors; provide mysterious facilities such as caves, small castles, and game cabins.

4. Clever use of natural elements and space: each kindergarten has different outdoor spaces and different sizes. When planning the game environment, the space should be used according to local conditions. For example, the original low-lying places can be designed as small rivers and ditches, and swaying Bridge cables; if the outdoor space of the kindergarten is too small, you can use the space three-dimensionally for three-dimensional greening, or design horizontal rock climbing on the wall; buy comprehensive large and medium-sized toys and place them against the side wall; design swings, rocking chairs, seesaws, etc. among tall trees .

5. Consider in advance the spatial density and the relationship between the ground surface, the sewer and the site: the kindergarten enrollment should match its indoor and outdoor area to avoid insufficient per capita space density and crowding. Kindergartens that have such a problem can solve this problem by taking turns and alternate outdoor activities. It can also be improved by opening up activity space on the roof and using outdoor space three-dimensionally. At the beginning of the construction of the kindergarten, the surface should be designed according to the unchangeable underground pipelines. The greening site should avoid pipelines such as sewers, and the paddling pools, swimming pools, fountains, and fish ponds should be easily connected to the taps.




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