Outstanding Design Outdoor Playground

Outstanding Design Outdoor Playground
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plastic playground equipment


plastic playground equipment


a. Plastic parts: Linear low density Polyethylene(LLDPE)

b. Post: Aluminum alloy

c. Metals: Galvanized steel and color powder coated

d.Platform/Steped-ladder: Galvanized steel sheet, color powder coated or pvc coated.

e.Fasteners: Stainless steel AISI 304

(Different material is available at your demand.)

Item CodeTQ-ZR1132
 Color: Customized Color Option       
 Capacity: 20-40 Children
 Components: Panels, climbs and slides(wave slide, through slide, curved chute slide, tube slide )
 Packing:Kids commercial indoor playground jungle gym playground Cartons outside,opp inside
 Player Age: 3-12 Years Old
 Warranty: 1 Year








Payment And Shipping Terms 

 Minimum Order Quantity: 1sets    
 Port: Ningbo
 Delivery Time: 15-20 days
 Payment Terms: T/T L/C
 Supply Ability:

      How to wholesale outdoor amusement equipment?

         Choosing the right channel is critical  

  1. Look for the brand
      Modern users will look at the brand when choosing any product, because a brand means quality and reputation in a sense, and it can also bring more satisfaction in terms of technology. Therefore, investors must look for the brand, so that it is easier to wholesale high-quality equipment, which guarantees the subsequent use of the equipment. If you don't know how to choose, choosing a brand is obviously a safer approach. Including the after-sales service of equipment, it is also something that brand companies can better provide to users. It is really important in terms of equipment investment. It can make equipment investment project services more perfect, so that market reputation can be maintained better.
2. Talk to the manufacturer directly to discuss cooperation
      Nowadays, you don’t need to deal with middlemen in equipment wholesale, because investors can directly contact manufacturers, which reduces a lot of intermediate costs and allows users to better control their investment costs. Moreover, it is easier to get some discounts by directly discussing cooperation with manufacturers, allowing users to obtain greater advantages in equipment investment. Because the investment itself is a complete process, if more costs can be saved in the stage of purchasing equipment, it will undoubtedly help investors to perform better follow-up operations and improve the stability of project progress.

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