Wholesale Price Kids Super Slide Playgrounds

Wholesale Price Kids Super Slide Playgrounds
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plastic playground equipment


plastic playground equipment


a. Plastic parts: Linear low density Polyethylene(LLDPE)

b. Post: Aluminum alloy

c. Metals: Galvanized steel and color powder coated

d.Platform/Steped-ladder: Galvanized steel sheet, color powder coated or pvc coated.

e.Fasteners: Stainless steel AISI 304

(Different material is available at your demand.)

Item CodeTQ-ZR1134
 Color: Customized Color Option       
 Capacity: 20-40 Children
 Components: Panels, climbs and slides(wave slide, through slide, curved chute slide, tube slide )
 Packing:Kids commercial indoor playground jungle gym playground Cartons outside,opp inside
 Player Age: 3-12 Years Old
 Warranty: 1 Year







Payment And Shipping Terms 

 Minimum Order Quantity: 1sets    
 Port: Ningbo
 Delivery Time: 15-20 days
 Payment Terms: T/T L/C
 Supply Ability:



                  What are the future development trends of the amusement equipment industry?
In recent years, with the rapid development of the amusement industry, China has become the world's leading amusement equipment manufacturer, accounting for about 40% of the world's total output. At present, the domestic amusement equipment industry hopes to quickly integrate with the world, and there are still many ways to go for brand building and reputation. First of all, we must follow industry trends, grasp industry trends, better seize opportunities in the amusement industry, and prepare for market challenges.
1. Landscaping
    The logical relationships and elements of the theme of amusement culture in amusement park theme are transformed into landscapes that are materialized, imaged, watchable, and have visual impact. Culture is the connotation of the landscape, and the landscape is the carrier of culture. Through the landscape, visitors can feel the theme of amusement and military culture that the shooting range theme amusement park wants to express.

2. Amusement
    It is the process of taking amusement military theme amusement park as a process for tourists to gain feeling and experience in their activities, sports, and dynamics. The entertainment military theme amusement park is a tourist attraction that wins with science and technology. Amusement first requires a large amount of entertainment air gun equipment, and secondly, the introduction of high-tech, so that the theme culture can be displayed using three-dimensional imaging technology, holographic projection technology, etc., through the environment, The design of the scene and artistic conception allows visitors to obtain an unusual magical experience, and their mood is finally highly integrated with the theme culture.

Three, interactive mode
    It mainly includes communication between society and people, exchanges of rest, exchanges of entertainment, exchanges of experience, exchanges between employees and tourists, exchanges between artists and tourists, etc. The arrangement of communication has greatly satisfied people's sense of participation and experience in entertainment air cannon equipment. Tourists can remember the theme of amusement and military affairs while sightseeing, traveling through history, experiencing folk customs, and feeling the atmosphere. , Upgrade the consumption model of theme amusement parks.

Fourth, experience
    It refers to the process of transforming the internal knowledge, entertainment and culture of military theme culture into a process, so that visitors can recognize and resonate with the value and connotation of culture in this process. This model has begun to be implemented in some well-known scenic spots in China, and the amusement military shooting venues are more exportable and more likely to cause event-level fermentation.
Five, leisure
    It is a slowing down of the amusement process, forming a slow-paced consumption process of physical and mental pleasure. For example, off-road vehicle camps and tanks outside the amusement equipment set up in military theme amusement parks, these leisure projects enable tourists to enjoy cultural connotation products in the process of rushing sightseeing.

Six, dynamic and artistic
    It is a way of expressing dynamic feelings, and it is also a dynamic way of expressing traditional static art. It is not only necessary to emphasize the dynamic form, but also the communication of the participants, the performance of the activity process itself and the subjective feelings of the participants. The dynamic art in the theme amusement park mainly refers to the dynamicization of static landscapes and the interaction of dynamic rest methods.

7. Commercialization of props
    Turning distinctive signs and mascots into saleable props, souvenirs, etc. is called prop commercialization. The commercialization of props improves the participation and entertainment of amusement and military theme amusement parks, and at the same time extends the tourist experience and extends the tourist consumption chain.

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